Downtown Kids

Downtown kids Nursery

Nursery we specialize in helping children explore, learn, and grow in ways that prepare them for future success. We have an individual plan for each child as we guide children to develop a strong character, exhibit empathy for others and take responsibility towards society in which they live. Children are honored for who they are, where they begin and how far they go. Their journey is our challenge, as we are responsible for their introduction to formal education. Each year is used as a building block to the next. All of our teachers and instructors are well trained and professional with several years of experience in children teaching.







We Offer:


– English Class.
– French Class.
– Arabic Class.
– Quran Class.
– Gymnastics Class.
– Zumba Class.
– Arts and Crafts.
– 3 Nutritious Meals.
– After School Program.
– Extra hosting hours.
– Events, trips & Birthdays.

About DownTown Kids

Nursery We Specialize In Helping Children Explore


A world where every individual has access to basic human rights


Our mission is to ensure the accountable and transparent provision


Derived from our mission, Downtown kids aims to our execute objectives


Our organizational culture, which underpins our all behavior